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The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund

Provides financial support to deserving incoming or current students who have demonstrated leadership in diversity-based initiatives or multicultural organizations.

The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund

The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund will be awarded to incoming or current students who demonstrate, through participation, leadership in multicultural student organizations and diversity initiatives at OHIO, or who have a history or inclusion and diversity related leadership in their high schools and/or communities.   

“As leaders across our nation call for change with regard to senseless acts that have plagued our African American community for centuries, we, too, at Ohio University are committed to taking actionable measures to help influence racial injustice reforms,” former Ohio University President M. Duane Nellis said. “By establishing the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund at Ohio University, we are creating positive measures that will impact the lives of current and future student leaders working with an interest in civic responsibility and social justice to help them achieve their academic goals.” 

Why did Ohio University establish a scholarship in remembrance of George Floyd? 

The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Ohio University and the Ohio University Foundation at the request of alumni, and in response to the call from the president of North Central University, Scott Hagan, to universities to consider creating a scholarship to support and honor the memory of George Floyd.   

This scholarship is administered by the Division of Diversity and Inclusion to demonstrate Ohio University’s commitment to inclusion and diversity while supporting our fellow students of color, faculty, alumni, community, and our nation, as we collectively mourn the loss of Black lives and acknowledge the extensive injustices perpetrated against people of color. 

How does the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship fund directly benefit students of color?

Student leaders who are active members of OHIO’s multicultural student organizations and/or have the capacity and intent to shape social justice initiatives at the University are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund at OHIO has already received generous contributions from OHIO alumni, friends, and the community at-large. All gifts received to this fund will continue to uplift incoming and current student leaders who are active in diversity-related initiatives and multicultural student organizations. Thank you to all of you who have supported, and we are appreciative for your future gifts to the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

Does naming the scholarship after George Floyd contribute to re-traumatization? 

OHIO’s Division of Diversity and Inclusion and its staff are conscious of the trauma that many associate with the murder of Mr. Floyd, and are mindful that any remembrance may trigger that trauma. The Division of Diversity and Inclusion believes it is important to remember those brutally murdered by saying and repeating their names, so we do not forget the faces of the movement. 

Listen to The New York Times podcast "I Want to Touch the World: We Remember George Perry Floyd, Jr." 

The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship eligibility requirements 

Current or new OHIO students are eligible to apply. Applicants must be in good academic and conduct standing and will be required to complete an essay defining their definition of multicultural leadership. Moreover, the application process will prompt applicants to outline the social justice impact they wish to have on the OHIO community, especially considering current events.

"This scholarship program is just one way that we can take a stand against racism. OHIO is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we stand strong in solidarity with our community members of color, especially African American community members."

— Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, Gigi Secuban