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Ohio University Press General Support Fund

Supports the publication of rare scholarly works and makes our books about Africa, Appalachia, Southeast Asia, and the Midwest available in electronic formats.

Ohio University Press General Support Fund

Incorporated in 1947 and formally organized in 1964 by Ohio University president Vernon Alden, Ohio University Press is the oldest scholarly publisher in Ohio. 

Since its founding, the Press (including its trade imprint, Swallow Press) has developed into a leading publisher of books about Africa, Appalachia, Southeast Asia, and the Midwest, as well as on many other topics. From academic monographs to regional guides to internationally acclaimed literary works, its books have established the Press as an essential member of its many communities: scholarly, literary, and geographic. Distributed worldwide, its books are regularly covered by prominent national and international news and review media, in countless academic journals, and in a wide variety of literary and cultural outlets. 

With more than 1,000 books in print, the Press publishes between 40 and 50 books each year by authors in the United States and around the world. Some of our books have wide appeal as university texts and regional classics, while others make available the results of peer-reviewed and often groundbreaking research in the humanities and social sciences. Many of our most distinguished and attractive books are made possible by support from generous individuals and institutions. 

Your gift allows Ohio University Press to: 

  • Publish important scholarly works that may not always recover their costs through sales
  • Make all our books available in a variety of electronic formats 
  • Develop long-term projects that showcase areas in which Ohio University and the Press are recognized as established or emerging leaders