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Ohio University Sustainability Fund

Provides sustainability services and support to the campus community and fulfills OHIO’s commitment to environmental, social and economic well-being. 

Ohio University Sustainability Fund

The Ohio University Sustainability Fund supports programs and initiatives that simultaneously benefit people, planet and prosperity on Ohio University campuses and in our local communities, now and in the future. Ohio University’s award-winning sustainability program is advancing initiatives through three faculty-led Sustainability Hubs. 

Gifts to the Ohio University Sustainability Fund can be used to purchase locally available products and services, acting as an economic multiplier for the region, while helping the University to meet its sustainability goals and providing opportunities for student project involvement. Your contribution can also provide resources for a budding local plastics reprocessing ecosystem involving students, faculty, staff and community members, assist with the continuation of the new LEED Lab program in the Russ College of Engineering, and more:  

  • Energy efficiency and other building projects, including those identified by students through the Civil Engineering LEED Lab course
  • Sustainability projects identified during EcoChallenge 
  • Renewable energy generation installations
  • Waste-to-energy projects 
  • Reuse or re-fabrication projects which result in a measurable decrease in landfill waste 
  • Water capture/reuse infrastructure 
  • Electric or other alternative fuel vehicles 

Visit the Office of Sustainability’s website for more information.