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Russ College Engineers Without Borders

Provides life-changing trips for student engineers with a gift to the Ohio University chapter of Engineers Without Borders, also referred to as Bobcats Building a Better World and Global Engineering Projects (GEP).

Russ College Engineers Without Borders

At the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, the ingenuity of our students fuels solutions for our global community. “Create for good” is a philosophy that reaches beyond the classroom and across the world. 

For 15 years, student engineers have taken the 11-hour flight to Maase, a village in the western African nation of Ghana, to put their applied problem-solving skills to the test. Students must adapt to uncertainty and master lessons that are difficult, if not impossible, to learn inside a classroom. 

Our student engineers have a lasting positive effect on the communities where they work. In 2010, students installed solar panels to pump water into the village. In 2017, students completed construction on a teachers’ duplex, to bring educators closer to the village. Students recently built a playground for school children, improvising and adjusting timelines when building materials could not be fabricated, or anticipated deadlines were not met. 

Current projects include sustainability and responsible waste disposal and implementing erosion control to protect structures within the village.