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STEAM Community Outreach Fund

Supports OHIO students and faculty in the development and implementation of activities to engage regional high school students explore engineering education.

STEAM Community Outreach Fund

Your gift to the STEAM Community Outreach Fund supports Russ College of Engineering and Technology students as they help high school students learn and apply real-world engineering skills. 

In 2020, a group of engineering students from multiple departments, mentored by Dr. Jesus Pagan, developed a prototype virtual robot rover to introduce the Python programing language to high school students. The students created a library of commands that were used to allow the rover to move forward, backwards, right and left. The students added an onboard virtual proximity sensor to detect objects such as walls. High school students used cloud-based software and the Python programming language to navigate the robot rover through a maze. 

College students benefit from STEAM-related projects by applying their engineering knowledge in the development of similar activities, while high school students learn new skills and are exposed to basic tutorials for electric circuits, motors, pneumatics and hydraulics, as well as automation, PLC controls and robotics. 

Your contribution allows OHIO students to lead activities like these at more high schools in Southeast Ohio. 

"Cloud-based software has allowed our students to continue to work through COVID-19 on a remote and safe environment while developing new skills and reaching out the community."

— Jesus Pagan