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Stream + Wetlands Foundation Support Fund

Supports the environmental sustainability efforts at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service.

Stream and Wetlands Foundation Support Fund

Your gift to environmental sustainability efforts in the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service supports these urgent projects: 

  • Providing students with environmental learning opportunities working alongside the Voinovich School's environmental and sustainability professional staff on applied watershed projects  
  • Two 2-year graduate stipends for students working on applied watershed research and activities from across various colleges on campus, plus additional hourly student time for assistance in the field
  • Faculty working in Environmental Studies, Geological Sciences, Biological Sciences and Botanical Science contributing to research projects
  • Travel for professional staff, students, and faculty, supplies to conduct research and activities, and conference registrations to present at regional and national conferences. 

Stream + Wetlands supports student research at Ohio University’s Voinovich School 

S+W is a proud partner with Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service, which advances student research in watershed and wetlands programs. In addition to expanded research, our partnership enables the school to increase its academic support of the Master of Science in Environmental Studies and other programs with applied watershed and wetlands projects. 

The Voinovich School integrates scholarship and hands-on learning to solve environmental problems. Support by S+W increases funding for talented students to gain practical experience with environmental research projects under the direction of faculty and staff. Much of their work focuses on the coal-bearing region of Ohio and specifically addresses the impacts of acid mine drainage (AMD) from abandoned coal mines. 

“The real solutions to the complex problems facing society in the 21st century are truly multi-disciplinary," says Jennifer Bowman, director of environmental programs. "Training our students to combine skills in environmental science, policy assessment, economics and project financing, and community stakeholder involvement will allow them to be better practitioners and better position them on their career path once they leave Ohio University.”