Student Emergency Fund
Provides funding for students experiencing personal crises, who can apply for a one-time Emergency Microgrant to cover needed supplies and/or bills.

Student Emergency Fund

“The Microgrant truly saved my life. I can honestly say that I would not be here and able to graduate without it.” –2019 Student Emergency Fund recipient 

By giving to the Student Emergency Fund, you can help a student with an immediate financial need. Unforeseen circumstances such as family deaths, natural disasters, loss of income and displacement all have potential to uproot a students’ personal and academic experience.  

Fortunately, the Student Emergency Fund exists to cover safety needs, emergency medical bills, rent, utilities, groceries and/or childcare during personal crises.  

Your support for the Student Emergency Fund grows the Division of Student Affairs’ ability to help when a student experiences an emergency. More than 96 percent of students who apply for an Emergency Microgrant work at least 15 hours per week, in addition to their academic demands. Ninety-two percent of Student Emergency Fund survey respondents reported that receiving a microgrant helped them stay in school. 

“Students who are under-resourced are often only one financial crisis away from dropping out of school. Those students face a range of financial emergencies like a parent losing their job and are now unable to help support their student’s living expenses, or a repair on a car that is required for the multiple jobs the student needs to support themselves. This program has given hope to those students so they can focus on their education and attain their dream of a college degree.” –Kathy Fahl, Assistant Dean of Students 

Here are a few ways your dollars meet a student’s immediate need: 

  • $60 replaces a flat tire for a commuter student  
  • $200 provides two weeks of rent for a student recovering from illness 
  • $750 covers the average amount awarded to a student in need 
  • $1,000 provides emergency dental care for a student without insurance 
  • $100,000 is what we need annually to support all OHIO students’ requests 

If you are interested in starting an endowment within the Division of Student Affairs, please contact Christine Noack by email,, or phone, 614-793-5666. 

"I would not have been able to keep up with the stress of school while working two jobs, so the microgrant really helped me focus on school – which is what I came to OHIO for!"

— 2019 recipient