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Vernon R. and Marion Alden Libraries Endowment

Provides high-quality library resources and services, which are critical for effective teaching, learning, and research in the OHIO community.

Vernon R. and Marion Alden Libraries Endowment

In today’s demanding learning environment, the need for adaptable learning space is greater than ever.  Students come to the Libraries for all kinds of reasons: a place to focus on their coursework, to study collaboratively or individually, like Cassidy Cleland, to conduct research and to find resources needed to succeed in their educational goals.   

That growing demand prompted creative enhancements to Alden Library, a popular student destination with over 1.3 million entrances yearly, which in many instances were supported by your gifts to the Vernon R. and Marion Alden Libraries Endowment. 

Dr. Vernon R. Alden, 15th president of Ohio University, once said, “The Library is far more than a collection of books or a building. It is the intellectual heart of the University, a vital element of university life with an essential role in teaching, learning and research.” 

Vernon R. and Marion Alden Libraries Endowment has a flexibility unmatched for meeting current needs, which often fall outside specialized guidelines of other endowments. One such endeavor supported by the Libraries’ Vernon R. and Marion Alden Endowment is the Student Research & Creative Activity Expo—with over $30,000 used to support this initiative in the past four years. At the Student Expo, hundreds of OHIO students show how knowledge gained in classes can lead to innovation and original research. 

Additionally, the Libraries awards monetary prizes each year to students who utilize the Libraries’ resources for their research or creative project.  

One example is Cassidy Cleland, a political science major who won the second-place undergraduate award, presenting “Raising Expectations and Failing to Deliver: The Effects of Collective Disappointment and Distrust Within the African American Community.” Cleland based her research on literature she read using the University Libraries databases. “I spent—I don’t even want to know how many—hours in the Alden Library study rooms since I’ve started writing this…from drafting my proposal to finishing it,” Cleland said. “I have taken out so many books from OhioLINK…it would have cost me an arm and a leg to do on my own.”