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Young Scholars First Book Fund

Your gift to the Young Scholars First Book Fund will help the promising works of authors at the beginning of their careers. At Ohio University Press, publishing first-time authors is a central part of our commitment to good academic citizenship and to the continuing diversification of the academy.

Young Scholars First Book Fund

New authors often lack the access to publication support and research funding that is available to those who are already established at major institutions, but their work often pioneers topics in history, anthropology, political science, global health, and other disciplines crucial to understanding the critical issues of our time. In light of that, we are pleased that our Young Scholars First Book fund gives an opportunity for these authors to be heard and help us grow our catalogue and our diversity of publications, especially among our two primary scholarly areas of study of writers from Appalachia and the African continent.

Give now to help us to continue our advancement of untapped knowledge and groundbreaking research for years to come!