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Give Like Gary

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Meet Gary

In 1962, Gary Clark made his first gift to The Fund for OHIO. His gift wasn’t much, but it was what the young graduate could afford—and he felt it was the right thing to do. The next year, he did it again. And again. And again. For 59 years in a row. (Yes, that’s a record.)

It didn’t take much for Gary to start a legacy that has now supported nearly six decades of Ohio University students as they’ve grown in knowledge, wisdom, and love. When each of us gives what we can to The Fund for OHIO, together we make monumental progress possible and move us Forever Forward.

Give now. Give to the place that gave you so much. Give Like Gary.

Portrait photograph of Gary Clark standing inside a classroom

The Fund for OHIO

Simply put, a gift to The Fund for OHIO goes to the place your support is needed most.

The world is moving fast, and change can bring unforeseen challenges that test who we are and influence where we go as an OHIO community. The Fund for OHIO gives us the power and flexibility to quickly address our most pressing needs as they arise while preserving what has made Ohio University great since its founding 217 years ago.

Your gift provides critical resources across the entire community, from faculty support to state-of-the-art facilities, all while ensuring students’ success through the hands-on experiences that will transform them into community leaders, creative thinkers, and people who change the world.

What will the next 59 years bring—or the next 217? Make a gift today that prepares OHIO to be there for the next generation of students, so they can experience something that shaped you for the better.

No gift is too small or too late to make a real and lasting difference to the place that made a real and lasting difference in you.

Give to The Fund for OHIO today and make your mark on OHIO, forever.

Give Now

OHIO Now and Then:
Snapshots of History and Progress

As a student living in Johnson Hall, Gary Clark remembers watching East Green being literally built up around him. Much has changed and evolved since Gary's time as a student in the late 1950s and early 1960s, but one thing hasn't: donations from Gary and many more like him make so much of OHIO's progress possible.

We dug into the archives to see how Ohio University and Uptown Athens have been transformed since Gary's Athens days—and a few scenes that will never change.

Click or tap each image to see photos from then and now.