About Sugar Bush

Our Mission

The Sugar Bush Foundation works with Ohio University and local communities to improve the quality of life in Appalachian Ohio by encouraging civic engagement and by fostering sustainable environmental and socioeconomic development.

Our Vision

We envision a model for university-community collaboration based on equal partnership and mutual respect. The impact of The Sugar Bush Foundation will be realized in healthy people, a growing economy, and a vibrant environment.

What We Believe In

  • Improving the quality of life and environment in Appalachian Ohio
  • Building local sustainable systems
  • Creating cultural shifts toward sustainable practices
  • Fostering university and community collaborations made of equitable partnerships and mutual respect
  • Sharing of Ohio University expertise with the region
  • Engaging OHIO students in real-world learning
  • Building on the assets of the region
  • Respecting the expertise residing in our communities
  • Seeking high social return on collaborations

Contact Us

Email: sugarbushfoundation@ohio.edu

Phone: 740.593.0663

Ohio University Foundation
P.O. Box 869
Athens, OH 45701-0869