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Building on the legacy of the late John Glazer, frequent project partner and co-founder of the Voinovich School’s Social Enterprise Ecosystem program, the Sugar Bush Foundation funds Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis on its projects to measure social and environmental impacts in financial terms. In 2018 Glazer received SROI certification from Social Value International and established the SROI research and consulting team at Ohio University. Now led by certified SROI Analyst Allison RIcket, the team has produced SROI reports for SBF projects and spinoff businesses like True Pigments, Habitat for Humanity, Shagbark Seed & Mill, Zero Waste Initiatives, and Appalachian Food & Culture


Infographic demonstrating that the Sugar Bush Foundation creates economic impact
The annual amount of environmental, social, and economic impact created by the Sugar Bush Foundation’s gifts equates to $2,627,321. This $2,627,321includes $397,082 in total environmental protection impact, $632,177 in Zero Waste impact, and $527,674 in economic development impact.

For example, the total value of several businesses due to Sugarbush Foundation gifts are as follows: $507,913 for True Pigments, $1,481,164 for Habitat for Humanity, and $627,462 for Appalachian Zero Waste Initiative. 

According to Sugarbush's Joint Design Approach, 30% of new enterprises will not survive past 24 months, but 70% of mentored business survive longer than 5 years.