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Student Engagement

Every Sugar Bush Foundation project includes funding for OHIO students to be engaged in the region. This real-world learning gives students a sense of connection to the region, a taste of the power of working toward the common good, and professional experiences to add to their portfolio.

“My scholar experience with the Voinovich School collaborating with the Sugar Bush Foundation-funded Habitat for Humanity project has been invaluable to me because it has diversified my perspective of how profound change is made. The most effective avenues for change had previously been presented to me, through my education and popular media, as international and well-known NGOs. Through this experience, I have been able to observe and participate in the tailored and collaborative change that comes from organizations that are truly grounded in their specific community and their needs. Overall, this has completely shifted my perspective on what I would like my future career to look like, and how I aspire to interact with my community."

—Lucy Thompson, Student Intern with OHIO’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service

Lucy Thompson

“Learning about the Sugar Bush Foundation has been really fun. Not only is it a great way to teach students about qualitative research because the different projects offer so much information to dissect, but also just hearing people talk so passionately about this region of Ohio is really meaningful to students, especially when they are seniors like me who are leaving Athens soon. It is refreshing to hear what Athens stands for outside of the standard university info students hear all of the time. It makes me happy to know that there are people working to improve the community and focusing on highlighting assets instead of fixing problems. It touches my heart to think that there are people who care so much about this place!”

—Elise, COMS 3420: Qualitative Research Methods, Fall 2021