Zero Tolerance Pledge

As leaders in institutional advancement, it is our responsibility to ensure safe and productive working environments for everyone, and to know and understand our institutional policies and resources in order to respond promptly and appropriately to any reports of harassment. Ohio University Advancement has adopted and adheres to a Zero Tolerance policy and this Zero Tolerance Pledge developed by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).


I will do all I can to create a working environment of mutual respect and safety. I will be clear that harassment will not be tolerated in any context.


I will ensure an environment in which a staff member can report potentially uncomfortable or abusive situations without fear of professional reprisal.


I will take any complaint seriously and respond promptly. I will adhere to my organizational policies in this regard.


I will ensure that we develop engagement, cultivation, or solicitation strategies that do not put a staff member at risk of harassment or abuse


I will ensure that staff members are not asked to operate in unsafe organizational or social environments.


In the case of any relationship in which there is a continuing potential for harassment or untoward activities, I will take the necessary action to mitigate this potential.


If anyone continues to harass or otherwise create a dangerous or potentially abusive environment for staff, I will sever the relationship between that individual and the institution I serve.