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Ohio University Payroll Deduction

Ohio University employees can make a gift to OHIO through payroll deduction. 

How to Enroll

To enroll in payroll deduction, please complete all sections of the payroll deduction form.

To find your Employee ID Number, login to My Personal Information and select one of the first few options from the main menu, like Absence Management, Personal Information, or Payslip. Your Employee ID Number will be listed near the top of each of these pages.

Return the form to the Ohio University Office of Annual Giving at giving@ohio.edu. The form can be submitted digitally without a signature if it is submitted as an email attachment from the employee’s OHIO email address. You can also submit the form via campus mail to the Office of Annual Giving, McGuffey Hall, Athens, OH 45701, if you prefer.

How to Make Changes

To make changes to your payroll deduction, submit another payroll deduction form

Submitting the payroll deduction form again will override all existing authorizations. 

For example, a donor currently has a $10 per pay period donation to the Fund for OHIO and $10 per pay period to WOUB, and would like to increase their Fund for OHIO contribution by $5. To do this, the donor should write $15 in the “Amount per pay period” box next to the Fund for OHIO designation, and in the next line include the details about the $10 per pay period WOUB designation to ensure it is not overridden.


Contact the Office of Annual Giving at giving@ohio.edu or 740.593.4500 for assistance or cancellations.