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Naming Opportunities

Leave your print on Ohio University in your name, or in the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize. Naming opportunities exist at various giving levels to allow our donors to leave a legacy based on their individual desires. Several naming opportunities exist. 

The financial requirements for naming opportunities differ, so donors are encouraged to discuss their ideas with a staff member from the Office of Development. For information on OHIO's naming policy or establishing an endowment, please contact us

Thank you for your interest in supporting OHIO's future!


Just like a savings account, endowment funds generate income from the principal investment. Endowments create the foundation upon which universities build lasting financial strength and ensure academic quality. Once in place, endowments provide permanent support for teaching and research, student aid, and an abundance of other academic programs and activities.These dollars can support scholarships, equipment and software upgrades, student research, and more. Distribution of funds will be subject to a specific set of guidelines formulated by The Ohio University Foundation in conjunction with you, the donor.

Scholarships, prizes and awards

Scholarship incentives often play a crucial role as students make decisions about where to attend college and what major to pursue. Prizes and awards allow OHIO to recognize outstanding work by undergraduate and graduate students. Your gift to scholarships, prizes, and awards will support future Bobcats .

Faculty Support

Faculty support provides competitive compensation that supports recruitment and retention of faculty since the prestigious rank adds not only a salary supplement via carefully managed endowment earnings, but also discretionary funds.

Academic Programs

Your gift can name a college, school, department, center, institute or special dean's fund. The endowments established by these gifts provide a margin of excellence for the programs they support.

The college or unit will work with University Advancement to determine the value of that asset and the gift amount required to name it. Once a gift agreement is executed, the college or unit will submit the requested naming for approval during the next possible meeting of the University’s Board of Trustees. Board approval is a requirement.


Some gifts last a lifetime, while others last forever. Naming a building, laboratory or other available space is a remarkable way to leave your legacy at Ohio University. Gifts of that support facilities allow us to offer up-to-date environments for teaching, learning, community life and recreation.

In order to name a space (classroom, lab, conference room, etc.), a college or unit will work with University Advancement to determine the value of the asset and the gift amount required to name that space. That amount could be dependent on the size, use, and purpose of the space. Factors used to determine the value of the asset include, but are not limited to: technology requirements, square footage, and construction or renovation costs.



Modifications and Removals of Named University Assets

The function of structures (buildings and spaces) on any University campus is fluid, depending on many factors. If the named structure has reached its life expectancy, as determined by the University in consultation with the Foundation, the name will generally not be transferred. At the time of replacement, the donor(s) will have a right of first refusal to provide a new gift to continue the naming of the building or space. If the structure has been named for an endowed gift, the preferences of the donor(s) or the donor’s successor will be solicited.

In addition, the Foundation may modify or withdraw any naming recognition granted pursuant to the gift agreement if the donor(s) commits any act or omission that would reflect negatively on the University or bring its name into disrepute.